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Sprint Omni Site272 viewsTwo baby-vents for Sprint's equipment vault.
Mono-Vent Stack390 viewsA mono-vent hiding T-Mobile's antennas on a 1920s building.
Mono-Vent Stack379 viewsA mono-vent hiding T-Mobile's antennas on a 1920s building.
Cell Call Box (Version 2)308 viewsHere is the current version of this cellular call box, located on Pacific Coast Highway in southern Ventura County, California. A photograph of the original design is also here at this site. Search on "Cell Call Box" to find it.
Another Big Mac Site1434 viewsThe carrier has its equipment in an underground vault in the grass area of this McDonald's in Huntington Beach, California. Notice the two green vents in the background.
Nextel Near the L.A. Convention Center634 viewsNextel's equipment is located inside this building west of the L.A. Convention Center. The building design is quite interesting, eh? Sprint and Cingular and co-located at this site. Sprint's antenna support is like Nextel's (only it has a fresh coat of paint), and Cingular uses a mono-bore tower here.
A Stylish Sprint Design618 viewsJust west of the the L.A. Convention Center you'll find this interesting antenna support. While the antennas are external to the dedicated structure, quite a bit of thought went into the design. Linda Paul (now with T-Mobile) has provided additional information about this site, and I have to tell you that the more I see it, the more I like it!
Sprint Together With Nextel...795 views...have the two unusual antenna supports at this site, located west of the L.A. Convention Center. Cingular is here, too, with a mono-bore tower off the photo to the right. Gee, that Nextel tower could sure use a fresh coat of paint, do you agree?
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