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Is that an AIRCRAFT warning light on the tree?818 viewsHere's another view of the Nextel/AT&T Wireless Co-Lo site on USMC property in San Diego. This angle shows the microwave antenna used for backhaul purposes.

Notice how the bark cladding ends at the level of the lowest branches. Modern design (and permit conditions) would have the cladding extend to the top of the tree. Modern design would also extend the branches closer to the ground, and would provide for significantly greater branch coverage. Finally, modern design would also provide for camouflage covers on each of the antennas, and better treatment of the microwave radome.
Is that an AIRCRAFT warning light on the tree?726 viewsThis Nextel site on USMC property in San Diego is already depicted in the gallery, but it's time to revisit is as Cingular is in the process of adding 12 antennas. The lift used to get workers 'up into the tree' is shown in the foreground.1 comments
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