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Field of RF Dreams888 viewsThis shot shows the full cell sign/cell rocks site, now-completed. Rocky Peak site in Santa Susana Pass, California. Each of the rocks visible contain cell and/or PCS antennas, as does the church sign. Viewed eastbound on the Ronald Regan Freeway (SR 118) from the Simi Valley heading into the San Fernando Valley. Other photos of this site are in this gallery. Search for 'rocky'.1 comments
Panoramic view of the Rocky Peak Wireless Rocks and Wireless Sign1585 viewsHere are 5 of the 6 cell rocks at Rocky Peak. The cell sign is hidden behind the cell rock in the foreground. Note that cell rocks are on concrete pads.

The equipment building with the small microwave antenna belongs to Nextel. The hidden building with the larger microwave antenna belongs to AT&T Wireless. Other carriers are in fenced cages below AT&T and Nextel.

This site houses Cingular, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T Wireless, and Nextel, and serves the Ronald Regan Freeway (SR118) at the east end of the Santa Susana Pass between Simi Valley and the San Fernando Valley.

Save for one of the Nextel rocks (shown in this gallery), there are no RF warning signs to alert the public to (suspected) high level RF fields around this easy-to-access site.
Wireless Sign761 viewsThis uncompleted sign framework holds multiple antennas. Rocky Peak site in Santa Susana Pass, California.
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