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Proud Waves From Sprint (3 of 3)671 viewsA wide-shot view of Sprint's Scottsdale Ranch flagpoles site.
Proud Waves From Sprint (2 of 3)548 viewsSprint's installation at the Scottsdale Ranch Community Center features two flagpoles in a nicely landscaped area adjacent to a lake.
Proud Waves From Sprint (1 of 3)594 viewsSprint has created this very nice flagpole site at the Scottsdale Ranch Community Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. Note that each flagpole has a light illuminating the other flagpole's flag. The flags are in good condition. The equipment enclosure is the right in the photo (look for the GPS antenna). Points to Sprint for this design, save for the visible GPS antenna which should have been hidden.
Camouflaged flagpoles1865 viewsSpotted in Glendale, California.
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