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Catch a Dream With This Site339 viewsLocated ajacent to the "Dreamcatcher Cinema" in Espanola, NM, this uni-pole-ish, mon-pole-ish site is owned by TowerCo.
It Radiates Near Radiation507 viewsThis is a monopole owned by American Tower located in Los Alamos, New Mexico. They work on things there that are better left unspoken (absent a suitable security clearance, that it).
Tower Towers Over the Santa Fe Plaza397 viewsTowering over the historic Santa Fe Plaza (and just about everything else in the area), this awful pole is about as out of place as a tower can be. So sad. Thanks to Alltel for contributing to the spoiling of the historic Santa Fe Plaza area.
Simple, single carrier wireless site331 viewsSimple monopole with a single carrier
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