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Highland View Pentecostal Assembly - Los Angeles766 viewsView of GPS and LMU antennas next to BTS equipment.
Field of Signals406 viewsCingular's dual CEV site at Thousand Oaks Park in Thousand Oaks, California. Notice the GPS/LMU antenna bolted to the side of the CEV in the foreground.
Close-up of GPS Antenna and LMU Antenna464 viewsCingular's GPS antenna (left) and the LMU antenna are mounted at about the 5 foot level adjacent to the sidewalk. It's amazing that they're still there. Hope no pedestrians walk into the bracket at night.
GPS and LMU antennas1246 viewsThe GPS antenna (the pointed white dome) is used to receive satellite-delivered timing signals used to sync a large-area wireless network.

The LMU (Location Measuring Unit) antenna, which in this photograph is mounted on a bracket to the left of the GPS antenna) is used to help a wireless carrier locate its users as required by the FCC for wireless E-911.
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