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Top of Poorly Maintained Faux Chimney567 viewsThis Cingular-built site in El Segundo, California, now owned by T-Mobile, overlooks LAX. The building houses a mortuary. In this picture you see a very poorly maintained faux chimney. A brick facade panel is coming off. The cable, telephone, and power drops should be relocated to achive the required NEC clearances.
No Trouble Here! (3 of 3)621 viewsTHis photo highlights the brick face on the Nextel equipment building and the match to the existing multi-story building. North Hollywood, California.
No Trouble Here! (2 of 3)716 viewsHere's a closer look at Nextel's equipment building located to the right of the main building.1 comments
No Trouble Here! (1 of 3)694 viewsThis Nextel site in North Hollywood, California has its equipment room located to the right of the building in the brick-faced 1 story extension. The antennas are mounted behind RF transparent panels finished to look like a brick parapet (top left).
"Thick as a brick?" #1 of 2688 viewsThese antennas are located behind a faux brick penthouse wall. Photo courtesy of Peabody Engineering.
"Thick as a brick?" #2 of 2954 viewsFaux brick penthouse wall. Antennas behind the panel at the far end.
Photo courtesy of Peabody Engineering.
Camo faux brick wall647 viewsThe antennas are hidden behind the faux brick face in the upper left portion of the wall. Photo courtesy of Peabody Engineering.
Camo faux brick wall - close up589 viewsThe antennas are hidden behind the faux brick face. Photo courtesy of Peabody Engineering.
Mismatched Bricks1287 viewsHere is an example of a faux building extension with a poorly matched 'brick' facing. There's no doubt that this design does not effectively hide the antennas behind the faux brick facing. Notice that no effort was made to match the brick patter of the underlying building thereby highlighting the 'out of place' nature of the extension.
Disguised as Bricks1557 viewsAnother example of disguise painting used to conceal antennas on a complex surface. From a distance, they are barely noticeable.
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