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T-Mobile Monocypress in Diamond Bar, California1294 viewsA very hard to find (good) monocypress site built by T-Mobile in Diamond Bar, California. I drove by it several times before spotting it!
Using Microwaves to Cook the Food?763 viewsThis site's antennas are painted to match the McDonalds barrel sign at the Barstow Station, Barstow California.
Can You Fry Me Now?781 viewsThis site's antennas are painted to match the McDonalds barrel sign at the Barstow Station, Barstow California.
Cell Pine1023 viewsHere's a good merged image photo close-up of a cell pine (monopine) in Walnut, California. Notice the large 'acorn' (microwave dish antenna) that's front and center on the trunk. In most case in metro areas, the purpose of having a microwave dish is (1) to provide back-haul from the cell site to the mobile telephone switching office (MTSO), and (2) to save the cost of leasing data lines from the local phone company. The first purpose is required; the second should not be considered a valid justification in most metro cases.

Also notice that most--but not all--of the panel antennas have slip-on camouflage covers. This photo highlights the significant difference in appearance between covered and merely painted panels.

The bark cladding stops at about the level of the microwave dish. It should have gone all the way to the top as you can see the flat, more reflective metal surface above the cladding.
Yet Another Sad Cell Pine762 viewsThis Sprint site in Hesperia, California sports sparse branch coverage, and lacks bark cladding. 1 comments
Building A CellPine...698 views...one branch at a time. Notice that this is another example of failing to have the bark cladding all the way up the pole. The break point stands out, as does the painted metal above.
Camo faux barn878 viewsThis 'barn' is part of a family fun center. The carrier here is Verizon. Notice the GPS antenna to the right of the barn.1 comments
Is that an AIRCRAFT warning light on the tree?1057 viewsThis site is on USMC property in San Diego County. The red light on the trop of the cell pine tree warns off low flying helicopters. Notice how the bark cladding stops at the level of the lowest branches. Also notice how much reflective the trunk is without the cladding. The bark cladding should have been extended all the way up the tree trunk.
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