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We'll leave the Verizon Cell Site on for you.569 viewsVerizon's mono-sign site at a Motel 6 in Vista, California.
We'll leave the Verizon Cell Site on for you.434 viewsVerizon's mono-sign site at a Motel 6 in Vista, California.
Not too compliant with the FCC OET Bulletin 65 Rules663 viewsThe FCC rules require that where visitors (and even trespassers) are expected, a wireless carrier must protect those members of the general population from RF exposure exceeding the uncontrolled standard. This site does not meet that requirement due to the antennas mounted on the exterior fence of this water tank site.
Nextel Cow: Rose Bowl 2006522 viewsNextel's Cow at the 2006 Rose Bowl.
Sprint's COW: Rose Bowl 2006536 viewsSprint's COW at the 2006 Rose Bowl Game.
Sprint's COW Information Sign: Rose Bowl 2006768 viewsThis is the site information sign for Sprint's COW at the 2006 Rose Bowl Game.
Steel in the Air441 viewsThis AT&T wireless site is located on Highway 64, about 12 miles south of Valle, Arizona. It's mounted on a steel power transmission pole. Note the flat panel back-haul antenna located below the panels.
The Business End of KMLT836 viewsThis is a closeup of KMLT's transmitter antenna. A simple, elegant design. May, 2006.
KMLT On-the-Air and Out-of-Sight690 viewsCompare this photograph of the 'finished product' with photos I took during construction. Chris Hicks, the City of Thousand Oaks, and COSCA worked together to create an invisible transmitter shelter in 'open space.' May, 2006.
KMLT's Antenna and Support Pole586 viewsThis photograph captures the final execution of KMLT's antenna. Yes, the steel support pole is painted sky blue. May 2006.
Gimme a Transmitter with Mustard!486 viewsAnother view of the at-grade grill over the transmitter room at KMLT. May 2006
Where's the Transmitter?479 viewsLooking down from near the antenna, the underground FM transmitter housing is nowhere to be seen! May 2006.
A Well-Done Grilled FM Station495 viewsKMLT's transmitter housing present appearance as of May, 2006 is virtually invisible. Easy to miss. Exactly what was intended! Outstanding work by Chris Hicks, KMLT's CE, the City of Thousand Oaks Planning department, and the Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency
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