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Verizon MTSO cell and microwave tower1640 viewsThis is an interesting 63-ish foot communications tower in Schertz, Texas. It's owned by Verizon Wireless.Oct 05, 2004
14 - Mother Earth Starting to Reclaim...985 viewsNature (with the help of plantings by the carrier) is starting to retake the base of the site.Sep 26, 2004
15 - Vandals Strike!1151 viewsOkay, I'll start by saying it wasn't me! Really!! Someone(s) climbed our little friend and installed some cute "eyes" at the top of the pole. The eyes remained in place for about two weeks near Christmas time 2002.1 commentsSep 26, 2004
09 - Construction of the Ice Guard830 viewsA box to protect the coaxial cables (often called an ice guard) is installed at the base of the of the trunk. The cones are cute, eh?Sep 26, 2004
10 - Close up of Ice Guard Construction778 viewsThe title of this slide says it all.Sep 26, 2004
11 - Ice Guard Construction Nearly Complete684 viewsThe frame for the ice guard is basically complete. Soon it will be covered.Sep 26, 2004
12 - Fence Installation and Ice Guard Completion658 viewsA very short (and hardly functional) fence is installed, and the ice guard is covered. Sep 26, 2004
13 - Basically Complete679 viewsThis is a photo of the site at completion.Sep 26, 2004
01 - Before570 viewsThis is a photo simulation of the site prior to the installation of the concrete base. (SORT by "TITLE +" or "TITLE -" in the upper right of the thumbnail frame to see these photos in the proper order!)Sep 26, 2004
02 - Concrete Base Installed580 viewsThis photo simulation shows the base installed before the installation of the "trunk" of the cell pine.Sep 26, 2004
03 - Trunk Installed624 viewsThe "trunk" of the cell pine is installed on the concrete base. Note the pegs used to receive the branches, and the cable portal at the top of the trunk.Sep 26, 2004
04 - Cables Pulled in Trunk640 viewsThe coaxial cables that will be connected to the antenna are pulled from the BTS equipment to the top of the trunk. Photograph 16 in this gallery is an excellent, if long shot, of the equipment building seen here, above and behind our little tree.Sep 26, 2004
05 - Antenna Bracket Assembly604 viewsA technician is constructing one of the two antenna support arms.Sep 26, 2004
06 - Antenna Arms Installed603 viewsThe antenna support arms are installed. The coaxial cables are fanned out to the arms to match to the antennas that will be installed later.Sep 26, 2004
07 - Antennas Installed, Connected669 viewsThe techs have installed the panel antennas on the arms, and are now connecting the coaxial cables to the antennas.Sep 26, 2004
08 - Faux Branches Installed1128 viewsOur little tree is taking shape now the branches have been installed. Notice the unprotected coaxial cables running to the tree near the base (right side).Sep 26, 2004
Not much water, but lots of signal1500 viewsLocated in at a shopping center in Oxnard, California, the cell antennas are located below the faux water tank.3 commentsSep 26, 2004
Hot zone? What hot zone?656 viewsThis roof-top site (now removed) used cheezy plastic safety cones with pasted-on warning signs to alleged mark the edge of the general population/uncontrolled RF zone. Note the two cones at rear-right that have blown over. A very effective warning technique, eh?Sep 26, 2004
Two levels? No problem!506 viewsThis cell site, located on Yerba Buena Island in the San Francisco Bay serves both levels of the Bay Bridge.Sep 26, 2004
"...before the mast"1033 viewsHere's what the camo cell palm looked before the bolt-on antennas were added (see "What's below the fans?" photograph in this section).Sep 26, 2004
What's that below the fans?1148 viewsTake one poorly configured camouflaged cell palm tree and then abandon any desire to keep it camouflaged. How? Just add non-camo antennas bolted onto the 'trunk' below the fans as seen in this photograph. To see what this cell palm looked like before the addition of the bolt-on antennas, see "...before the mast" in this section!Sep 26, 2004
Lattice but not a tower849 viewsThe antennas at this site in Santa Monica, California are partiallyhidden behind the lattice above the roof. A better design would have required the two visible antenna pole mounts to be cut off above the antennas so as to be hidden from view.Sep 26, 2004
Mismatched Bricks1244 viewsHere is an example of a faux building extension with a poorly matched 'brick' facing. There's no doubt that this design does not effectively hide the antennas behind the faux brick facing. Notice that no effort was made to match the brick patter of the underlying building thereby highlighting the 'out of place' nature of the extension.
1 commentsSep 26, 2004
Penthouse external mounted site417 viewsThis is a plain, externally mounted cell site on a commercial office building. Note the GPS (timing) antenna well above the roof line, which might have been mounted at the roof level to minimize its visibility from ground level without impairing its function.Sep 26, 2004
Major Macrocell Site (multiple carriers)454 viewsThis is an example of a traditional multiple carrier macrocell site. Note the large microwave antennas facing to the right: They are used to provide high-reliability connection of this site to the MTSO some 25 miles away.Sep 24, 2004
Cell site on a Call Box586 viewsThis cell site uses a travelers call box as the antenna support. The equipment is located just beyond the railing in the underground enclosure. Near Pt. Mugu, California.Sep 24, 2004
PGE Transmission Tower Cell Site388 viewsSpotted in Walnut Creek, California: A cell site mounted atop a PGE transmission tower. Sep 24, 2004
Sign of the times (1 of 2)1389 viewsThe cell site antenna is seen at the top of the outdoor advertising sign. Spotted in Connecticut.Sep 24, 2004
Sign of the times (2 of 2)1038 viewsNotice how the base station equipment is mounted on the advertising sign pole mount.Sep 24, 2004
Strand-mounted cell site (Sprint)609 viewsThis is a Sprint cell site using the cable TV system to connect users to the MTSO. Irvine, CA.Sep 24, 2004
More Waves and Waves908 viewsA very large flagpole cell site in Southgate, California.Sep 24, 2004
Chester, PA Cell Site501 viewsAttention KMART shoppers! Now you can show for sundries and signal at the same time!Sep 24, 2004
Cell site in Salzburg, Austria387 viewsWhile in Salzburg to lecture at the Center for International Legal Studies I snapped this photo of a cell site across the street from my hotel room.Sep 24, 2004
Old Power Tower = New Cell Tower408 viewsThe power utility removed its wires from this old transmission tower, but still uses it to support a cell site.Sep 24, 2004
Close-up of anti-Bird-bomb net over antennas544 viewsHere's a close-up photo of the net placed over the antennas to keep the birds off (and to keep them from bombing the cars below)! Jul 06, 2004
What's that wrapping around the antennas?549 viewsHere's an interesting site (close up in next photo). Notice that there are cars parked in the auto body shop lot directly below the antennas. Perhaps birds like to take aim and, er, hit the cars below. What a clever carrier solution! Put a net around the antennas to keep the birds off. Jul 06, 2004
Cell Pine (multiple carrirers)1316 viewsCell pine tree (multi carriers) with more antennas mounted on the building in the background.1 commentsJul 02, 2004
Sending out 'the word'1780 viewsA cell site within a church cross. The antennas are behind removable panels above the cross arm. The equipment cabinets are behind the brick wall to the right in the picture.1 commentsJul 02, 2004
Pt. Sur (Ca.) Lighthouse Water Tank1167 viewsAT&T Wireless rebuilt this tank in Big Sur to house a cell site (thanks to Neal McLain for this photo). Check out Neal's site www.antennastructures.blogspot.com.Apr 07, 2004
Cellular Pine Tree1294 viewsIn the Sepulveda Pass between West Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley (California). 2 commentsApr 07, 2004
Welcome to Town!1250 viewsHere's a clever way of hidding a cell site inside a City sign.Apr 07, 2004
A Blessed Signal1133 viewsSpreading the word from the tower of a church.Apr 07, 2004
Spectrum from the Spectrum1180 viewsThis camo cell site is at the Irvine (California) Spectrum shopping center.Apr 07, 2004
Semi-camo tower478 viewsThe Santa Monica Mountains frame this cell site, located along Interstate 405 near the Getty Center in Los Angeles.Apr 07, 2004
Cell site crowning a power transmission tower471 viewsThis cell site, in Walnut Creek, California, is atop a PG&E power transmission tower.Apr 07, 2004
The Tower Works LTD798 viewsThis structurally attractive tower is in Mangonia Park just north of West Palm Beach. The tower is just over 500 feet tall. I had a delightful chat with Marlin of TTW about her tower. She shared some great stories - and frustrations - about this and other towers she's been involved with.1 commentsMar 28, 2004
Camo-ish on-building cell site (close-up)1413 viewsLook at how the antennas are covered with the brick-link material. Also note the color bands on the antenna cables. The color bands are used to show the service technician which cables are for transmitting, and which are receiving. The color bands also indicate additional information such as the antenna 'sector' and data transmission.Mar 09, 2004
Camo-ish on-building cell site1054 viewsThis is an example of how surface mounted antennas can be detailed to blend, if not disappear, into the background of the structure.Mar 09, 2004
Short Flag Pole1211 viewsUS/Mexican Relations.Feb 19, 2004
What time is it?1541 viewsIt's time to make a cell phone call. This is a multiple carrier cell site.Feb 19, 2004
Camo site atop broadcast center1800 viewsMajor network studio in Los Angeles. Transmission facilities hidden behind decorative work on top of the building. 1 commentsJan 29, 2004
Nextel antenna structure on top of an industrial building549 viewsOpen antenna structures have little impact in industrial areas.Jan 29, 2004
Antenna arrays mounted on transmission towers486 viewsClose-up view of an antenna array mounted on a power transmission tower. Jan 29, 2004
Wireless sites on power transmission towers575 viewsA new trend to install wireless antenna arrays on high voltage power transmission towers. These new co-location sites are gaining popularity due their preexisting right of ways and available height. Jan 29, 2004
Close-up of antennas on pine tree stealth site1193 viewsHere is a close-up of the antenna mounting pattern on the pine tree stealth site. Jan 29, 2004
Pine tree stealth site2088 viewsWhile it stands alone above the hill, this is actually a very good camouflaged site. Sufficient faux foliage coverage to hide antennas. 1 commentsJan 29, 2004
Unhidden and hidden1368 viewsOn this hillside are located two wireless structures. One is obviously not hidden and the other one is. Jan 29, 2004
Disguised as Bricks1508 viewsAnother example of disguise painting used to conceal antennas on a complex surface. From a distance, they are barely noticeable. Jan 29, 2004
Surface mounted antennas sometimes just require matching paint490 viewsThis surface mount wireless site is less visible due to the use of matching paint on the antenna radomes. Less visible, but not a true camouflage site. Jan 29, 2004
Close-up of antenna disguise fascia1298 viewsHere is a close-up photo of the false wall or fascia hiding these antennas. A better design would have completely hidden the antennas.Jan 29, 2004
Roof fascia.1294 viewsHidden by a false fascia, the antennas on top of this building are barely noticeable.Jan 29, 2004
Simple plastic covering.1446 viewsThis antenna structure looks more like a large swamp cooler on top of a building, but it is constructed out of translucent plastic panels to shield from view, but not interfere with RF. Jan 29, 2004
Disguise site to look like a chimney1319 viewsThis antenna site in Los Angeles is designed to look like a chimney. Note the panel covers. Jan 29, 2004
False 3rd story on office building1731 viewsAntenna room constructted on top of an existing office building. Windows are not real, but instead painted upon translucent plastic materia. Roof room accessible from access door on right end. Jan 29, 2004
Southern California palm tree cell site.1832 viewsAlong side a major freeway in the Los Angeles area, this cell site is hardly noticeable from the freeway. Jan 29, 2004
Disguised as part of the brickwork1435 viewsThis antenna array is cleverly painted to match the color and texture of the building. Downtown LA intersection, yet barely noticeable.Jan 29, 2004
On top of a roof access.1285 viewsFalse cupola constructed around the top of a roof access doorway. Conceals antennas.Jan 29, 2004
Freeway wireless site534 viewsThis double wireless array is situated on a building located immediately adjacent to the I-5 Freeway in Los Angeles. Jan 19, 2004
Multipurpose monopole560 viewsThis tall monopole belonging to a Southern California radio station is occupied at several levels by various communications services. Jan 19, 2004
Another sickly cell-pine1905 viewsIt looks like hardly any imagination was used to design this sad tree tower site.1 commentsJan 19, 2004
"We Come In Peace!"681 viewsWater tank cell and microwave site south of Sacramento, California along I-5Dec 31, 2003
Cell site on power transmission pole457 viewsThis site in located in British Columbia, Canada.Dec 31, 2003
Cell site on power transmission pole523 viewsThis site in located in British Columbia, Canada.Dec 31, 2003
Microcell mounted in traffic signal light standard669 viewsThe cell antennas are pointed to cover short street segments on Ventura Blvd east and west of Laurel Canyon Blvd. San Fernando Valley, California.Dec 31, 2003
Camouflaged flagpoles1800 viewsSpotted in Glendale, California.Dec 31, 2003
Camofulaged AML Receive Site?2677 viewsBack in 1983 Storer Cable was trying to secure a microwave-receive site on a hillside in San Juan Capistrano. The architect retained by Storer lost most of his hair trying to get a design that would pass muster with the City. One night, in a fit of frustration, he came up with this design. We never submitted this one to the City. Pity. It would have been fun!Dec 31, 2003
Faux chimney antenna site 2 of 22863 viewsThe antennas are in a faux chimney (center of roof).Dec 31, 2003
Faux chimney antenna site 1 of 23884 viewsThe antennas are in a faux chimney. The base station equipment is adjacent to the house in the lower right portion of the photo. Spotted in Southern California.Dec 31, 2003
Cell site, microwave mounted on wood pole1046 viewsWe don't need no stinking steel tower!1 commentsDec 31, 2003
Pole-mounted Microcell1264 viewsThis wireless microcell provides uninterrupted coverage on a busy major highway in a steep winding canyon on the Southern California coast. Dec 31, 2003
Cell site in parking lot1617 viewsNotice the addition of the lot lights. Dec 31, 2003
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