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The Sweet Taste of Signal495 viewsAnother view of the old Loveland Sugar Co. silo, now used as an antenna support for two carriers (Cingular plus an unidentified carrier).
Sleep Wirelessly in San Pablo, California495 viewsMetroPCS site inside the legs of a Holiday Inn Express sign. For more views of this site, visit http://www.ichotelsgroup.com/h/d/ex/1/en/hotel/spoca?_requestid=302192.

Unipole in Lacey, Washington495 viewsA T-Mobile unipole site in Lacey, Washington at the King Oscar Motel. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=kings+car+motel+lacey+washington&sll=33.857997,-118.283083&sspn=0.000873,0.002701&ie=UTF8&cd=1&ll=47.061194,-122.766165&spn=0,354.468384&t=h&z=8&iwloc=A&layer=c&cbll=47.061194,-122.766165&panoid=dqNvyTifCTgz-nLk-Ftupw&cbp=12,3.8848713226988707,,0,-6.115048506611214
Major Co-lo Site - San Clemente, California494 viewsCo-location camo site (Sprint, Verizon, Nextel, Cingular) at St. Andrews by the Sea United Methodist Church, San Clemente.

This camo sector shines to the south. The antennas for this sector are located behind RF transparent panels just below the roof. One of the panels doesn't match, does it?
Not part of an underground water river...493 viewsThe water bottle is not part of the CEV.
Surface mounted antennas sometimes just require matching paint492 viewsThis surface mount wireless site is less visible due to the use of matching paint on the antenna radomes. Less visible, but not a true camouflage site.
Sprint's San Dimas Water Tank - Entry Port492 viewsLooking up to the entry port of Sprint's water tank in San Dimas, California
Camo Site in Shopping Center491 viewsThe camo site is located in the clocktower of this shopping center.
Spectrasite Co-Lo Multisector at Different Levels491 viewsSpectrasite tower supports a three sector wireless system, with one of the sectors lower than the other two (to help shape coverage). Also, this site supports an omnidirection carrier (the vertical antennas on top of the tower). 2 comments
The Transit Mixer has Arrived...491 views...so let the pouring begin!
KMLT Almost Buried490 viewsIf you compare this photo with past photos you'll notice that half the transmitter building is now buried. When complete only the ground level access in the foreground of the building will remain. The pullbox to the left of center is for electrical power. The pullbox to the far right is for the coaxial egress point to feed the antenna.
cells.oliverhurst.ca.UbiquitelPCS.woodbalancepanels..2765Pwerline Road.20051112.DSCN0361.jpg
Wood You Please Support These Antennas?490 viewsUbiquitel uses wood panels to replace antennas not installed on the two-antenna mounts atop this PG&E power tower in Oakhurst, California. This site is at 2765 Powerline Road.
34. A Loose Wire?490 viewsThe loose wire is actually a ground wire. The rolling portion fo the fense is grounded via this lead.
Sprint Camo Elevator Penthouse Site489 viewsA good detail shot of Sprint's antennas located in a faux elevator penthouse.
Yerba Buena Island Site Serving the Oakland Bay Bridge489 viewsFrom July, 2001: This multicarrier site is pumping RF along the upper and lower spans of the Oakland Bay Bridge. Located on Yerba Buena Island (on the south side of the spans), this is an interesting configuration, employing "tip-to-tip" construction.

June 2008: This site no long exists. It has been removed to make way for construction of the new Bay Bridge connection to Yerba Buena Island. -jlk
A true Solar Cell489 viewsThis is a photo of AT&T's solar powered cell site just north of CA52 at Mast Road in San Diego. This site connects back to the mobile telephone switching office via a microwave antenna (behind the panel).
Antenna arrays mounted on transmission towers488 viewsClose-up view of an antenna array mounted on a power transmission tower.
Looking at Eagles488 viewsAn off-site view of Larson-USA's two cactus design at the Eagle Mountain Inn in Arizona.
Hope (and signal) Sprints Eternal488 viewsAnother view of the camo antennas at Sprint's Hope Church site in Vista California.
488 viewsAdjacent to 5445 Hollywood Blvd, Ste D, Los Angeles, CA 90027
Major Co-lo Site - San Clemente, California487 viewsCo-location camo site (Sprint, Verizon, Nextel, Cingular) at St. Andrews by the Sea United Methodist Church, San Clemente.

This camo sector shines to the east. You can see the Cingular BTS. The antennas for this sector are located behind RF transparent panels just below the roof.
BTS Equipment Behind Monument Sign487 viewsAt California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California. The antennas are in the radome atop the parking lot lights (not seen in this photo), and the BTS equipment is in the background behind the monument entry sign.
Two on a Stick487 viewsSprint's BTS equipment is located in the large flush-to-grade vault. It's flush vents bracket the BTS vault.
Nextime Nextel485 viewsNextel's Rose Bowl COW
Wireless, with Cables485 viewsSome of the base station equipment cabinets (cellular, paging, etc.) at the upper landing of the Mt. Roberts Tramway in Juneau, Alaska
PCS at City Hall484 viewsThis Sprint site at the Redondo Beach, California City Hall also supports public safety radio antennas above and below the panels.
Side Saddle Microwave Dish Installation484 viewsAnother view of this cell site which uses a microwave dish antenna system to provide backhaul to the MTSO. The interesting note for this site is the side saddle (offset) installation of the dish antenna. In most metro installations, a microwave antenna saves the carrier the cost of leasing a telco dataline, but at the expense of adding visual loading to the project.1 comments
AVEA (A & A) colo with Turk cell site484 viewsColo site: Avea and Turk
Das da ticket!483 viewsAT&T uses a distributed antenna system (DAS) to light this site on Valley Circle in the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles County). The DAS node, manufactured by Andrew Corporation, is the small box affixed to the larger power meter pedestal cabinet.
Flamingos Have Antennas!482 viewsI always focused on the tail feathers of Flamingos. Who knew that they had antennas, too!
Big Iron CoLo in Lacey Washington482 viewsNextel and AT&T Wireless share this tower in Lacey, Washington. Notice the climbing space through the bottom platform.
Nextel Camo Site - San Marcos, California482 viewsNextel's poorly-maintained camo site at a medical office building in San Marcos, California.
Two Greek Cows482 views...on the road between Athens and the Athens Airport. Shot through the window of a moving taxi.
NextG Distributed Antenna System Node481 viewsNextG is a wireless carrier's carrier. They provide fiber links between the BTS and the antenna site using a technology referred to as Distributed Antenna System (DAS). This is a NextG DAS node located in Encinitas, California. The carrier supported by this node is Cricket Wireless. NextG's Cricket network in San Diego County is thought to be the largest deployment of DAS in the U.S.
We'll leave the Verizon Cell Site on for you.481 viewsVerizon's mono-sign site at a Motel 6 in Vista, California.
Just park that signal!481 viewsT-Mobile's recently upgraded parking lot site in Long Beach, California.
Semi-camo tower480 viewsThe Santa Monica Mountains frame this cell site, located along Interstate 405 near the Getty Center in Los Angeles.
Sprint Camo Elevator Penthouse Site480 viewsIn West Los Angeles, Sprint's antennas are located in a faux elevator penthouse, and the base telecommunications station equipment is in the foreground on the left side.
Painting on the Sky 5 of 6478 viewsBill's painting on the sky!
Nextel's Cow and Sprint's Cow: Rose Bowl 2007478 viewsYet another photo of the two COWS (Sprint and Nextel) at the 2007 Rose Bowl Game.
Sprint's COW: Rose Bowl 2006478 viewsSprint's COW at the 2006 Rose Bowl Game.
I'll take fries with that signal477 viewsMcDonalds sort-of-camo site in San Diego County
Rebar cage for underground transmitter building - From ramp475 viewsAnother shot of the rebar that forms the soon-to-be underground transmitter building. The roadway in the background goes to the antenna site, adjacent to a camouflaged water tank.
Looking at the entry area.475 viewsHere's a good look at the entry area and the conduits extending from the transmitter building to what will be underground when the earth is pushed back around the building.
What time is it? Time to make a call!475 viewsSort-of camo site (antennas are on the corners of the clock tower). Thousand Oaks, CA.
Faux 'faux chimney' - A Different Angle474 viewsFrom this angle, Cingular's faux chimney on the front of a real estate office is a good design, but things aren't as they seem. See the view of this faux chimney from the other side to see why its inferior.
Cell site crowning a power transmission tower473 viewsThis cell site, in Walnut Creek, California, is atop a PG&E power transmission tower.
Wireless, with Cables473 viewsThis multicarrier site is at the upper station of the Mt. Roberts Tramway in Juneau, Alaska.
Use a Cell Phone: Go to Jail473 viewsSpotted in Las Vegas, New Mexico
KMLT Panorama - Almost Done471 viewsThe site is nearly complete. Transmitter vault awaits a final hatch assembly.
Central Sedona Arizona471 viewsThis multicarrier site is located at Fire Station 4 in Sedona, Arizona.
Nextel Cow: Rose Bowl 2006471 viewsNextel's Cow at the 2006 Rose Bowl.
Ground level wireless site on hilltop - CLOSE UP470 viewsThis is a close-up of a cell site atop a hill above a major Interstate Highway. The antennas are mounted at ground level.
KMLT Panorama - Almost Done470 viewsThe site is nearly complete. Transmitter vault awaits a final hatch assembly.
Super Signal From Super 8470 viewsCingular built this camo site below a sign at the Super 8 Motel in Azusa, California. For some reason the radome cover is missing, exposing the three sector antennas to public view.
NextG DAS - Norwalk, California470 viewsCloseup of NextG Networks DAS light standard node in Norwalk, California. Note the cut-off box grated to the side of the Andrews ION fiber optic node.
Columns of Signal469 viewsThe columns at the top are built with RF transparent materials. The antennas are located inside the columns of this church. The base station equipment is located at teh lower right site. This church is located in San Juan Capistrano, California.
Outback with the Signal469 viewsNextel's antennas are inside the lower portion of the sign. The GPS antenna is mounted to one of the legs of the sign. Norwalk, California, overlooking Interstate 5.
View of the transmitter site from near the antenna site466 viewsHere's an updated view of the KMLT transmitter area take from about 600 fee up the hill (very near the antenna site).
Church Steeple Site in Long Beach, California466 viewsChurch Steeple Site
Waterproofing the KMLT transmitter building465 viewsThe external concrete forms and braces have been removed; the outside is treated for waterproofing; and the pre-cast holes to permit conduit/cable entry are now visible.
Equipment Cabinets, GPS and LMU antennas463 viewsCingular's equipment cabinets are mounted in the hardscape area between the curb and sidewalk.
Panoramic view of KMLT - 90% backfilled461 viewsThe entire 'back' portion of the transmitter building is now under dirt. Due to the new location of the trash bin, this panoramic photo is taken from a point to the north of the previous panoramic shots.
Mobilitie New Wood Pole Pox in West Los Angeles461 viewsMobilitie has planted this awful wood pole in West Los Angeles. Note the standoffs for the equipment and conduits. A small cell? I think not.
Generator Socket460 viewsThis is a standby power generator socket to provide power to the cell site during local commercial power failures
Looking at Eagles460 viewsAn off-site view of Larson-USA's two cactus design at the Eagle Mountain Inn in Arizona.
Nextel's Cow and Sprint's Cow: Rose Bowl 2007460 viewsThese Cows belong to Nextel and Sprint. This herd spotted at the 2007 Rose Bowl.
Irvine, Califoria multicarrier site460 viewsThis is an outstanding multicarrier camo site in Irvine, CA
Cell site on power transmission pole459 viewsThis site in located in British Columbia, Canada.
A Sign of the T-Mobile Times459 viewsThis furniture store sign supports T-Mobile's sectorized antennas. National City, California (south of San Diego). The furniture store is out of business.
2. Routing the Antenna Cables up to the Roof458 viewsThe coaxial cables for the antennas, including the GPS antenna, are loosely placed against teh wall going up to the roof. As you'll see later, these cables will be secured in a cable tray. At this time the GPS antenna is not yet installed.
What's Red and Whilte and Radiates All Over457 views...it's this T-Mobile lattice tower in Gridley, California.
It Radiates Near Radiation457 viewsThis is a monopole owned by American Tower located in Los Alamos, New Mexico. They work on things there that are better left unspoken (absent a suitable security clearance, that it).
Tarzana, California457 viewsClark Avenue
Major Macrocell Site (multiple carriers)456 viewsThis is an example of a traditional multiple carrier macrocell site. Note the large microwave antennas facing to the right: They are used to provide high-reliability connection of this site to the MTSO some 25 miles away.
A parking lot light site at the Santa Fe Opera, Santa Fe, NM.456 viewsMulti-carrier sites (on parking lot lights) at the Santa Fe Opera in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
AT&T's Upgraded Tree at Camp Pendleton Rest Stop456 viewsAT&T has just upgraded this monopine site to 4G and materially improved the camouflage. Much better than before. N/B I-5 at the rest stop. Note the camo around the microwave antenna.
Got Desert?455 viewsThis little Verizon 3-sector site sites atop a wood pole in Victorville, California. The BTS equipment is in the fenced area to the left, and the telco and power panels are to the right.
Tumwater Reservoir, Tumwater, Washington455 viewsNear the Tumwater Airport. Note the airport rotating aerodrome beacon on top of the tank.
Cell Site Generator Plug and Breaker/Switch-over Panel454 viewsMany cell sites must operate 24/7, even in the event of a commercial power failure. Most carriers have standby power generators that can be driven to cell sites and plugged in to a generator plug such as the one shown to the right of the breaker/switch-over panel. This facility is owned by AT&T Wireless. It's in the western part of Los Angeles.
Lots of signal!454 viewsThis is a co-location site located south of Worcester, MA.
Monopole454 viewsA monopole site between Victorville, California and Littlerock, California. Carrier unknown.
Waterproofing the KMLT transmitter building453 viewsAnother view of the transmitter building and the waterproofing.
Park'n the Signal on the Roof453 viewsNotice how the coax ground wires are far from supported, attached, and protected at this site. This is a violation of the NEC 810.21(C) and (D) et seq.
Verizon 'Small Cell' (Really a DAS node)453 viewsStrapped on to a City of Los Angeles light standard. Cables are routed inside the pole to and through the top cap.
Microcell - Two Sectors451 viewsHigh gain (directional) antennas facing up/down the highway.
AT&T's Upgraded Tree at Camp Pendleton Rest Stop451 viewsAT&T has just upgraded this monopine site to 4G and materially improved the camouflage. Much better than before. N/B I-5 at the rest stop.
Palms guarding cell site - circa 2001450 viewsHere's a photo of a PCS site I photographed sometime in 2001. Notice that its 'in the middle of nowhere.' Fast forward to the shot of the same site I took in October, 2004.
1. Antennas to be Hidden in Clock Tower450 viewsThree of four sides of the exsting clock tower had walls partially removed to permit the installation of RF-transparent fiberglass panels. As you'll see later, once the antennas are installed behind the panels, the panels are painted and textured to match the rest of the structure, thus hiding the antenna locations.
A Dam Tall Tower449 viewsThis tall tower, well, towers over Hoover Dam in Nevada and/or Arizona. I guess it depends in which state you live. This tower is on the Nevada side.
NextG Distributed Antenna System Node449 viewsNextG is a wireless carrier's carrier. They provide fiber links between the BTS and the antenna site using a technology referred to as Distributed Antenna System (DAS). This is a NextG DAS node located in Encinitas, California. The carrier supported by this node is Cricket Wireless. NextG's Cricket network in San Diego County is thought to be the largest deployment of DAS in the U.S.
Monopoles at Apache Junction, AZ City Hall Campus449 viewsMonopoles at Apache Junction, AZ City Hall Campus
32. Looking down on the Activated Site448 viewsHere's the bird's-eye view looking down at the BTS equipment mounted on the far pad.
14. Installing the Telco Interface and Power Switching Cabinets447 viewsThe large cabinet on the right (with the open door) is to house the telco interface. A telco dataline is used to connect this cell site back to Verizon's mobile telephone switching office. The two smaller cabinets on the left, starting at the far left, are the power breaker panel, and the power generator transfer switch. The transfer switch senses loss of commercial power and automatically starts the generator (yet to be installed) and transfers power to the generator once stabilized. The reverse occurs when the commercial power is restored for a minimum period of time.
Close-up of Cell Antennas and GPS Antenna on Traffic Signal/Light Standard446 viewsThis is a close-up of the antennas mounted on the traffic signal. Note the two coax cables into the bottom of each panel antenna. One is for transmitting and the other is for receiving.
Spectrasite co-location site445 viewsThis Spectrasite cell/microwave site is located in Carson, California. The tower is registered to what is now Verizon Wireless. Note how the microwave antennas are identified by code to permit identification of specific microwave antennas from ground level. It's located in an "Enterprise" zone (sorry...inside joke).
Power transmission pole - Underground equipment shelter443 viewsThis cell site, on a power transmission pole, is connected to a controlled environment vault ("CEV"). The CEV is an underground room housing the equipment. The hatch for the CEV is the green box show below and to the left of the pole.
KMLT's Antenna Fence Under Construction443 viewsThe fence being constructed is to keep the hikers in the area away from the antenna site. At the time this photo was snapped KMLT was operating from its old (aux) transmitter site some miles away.
Light Standard Under Construction443 viewsThe double arms of this light standard, and the radome containing the antennas above the arms are yet to be placed.
Don't worry...the ladder will be removed before the concrete is poured.441 viewsWorkers preping the CEV for the concrete pour. The large holes are to connect to what will be intake and outflow air vents yet to be installed.
Rover's Roof440 viewsOn the roof of the drive test 'rover' is a GPS antenna (the square antenna in the center of the roof), plus two PCS omnidirectional antennas for signal measurement and communications purposes.
A Well-Done Grilled FM Station440 viewsKMLT's transmitter housing present appearance as of May, 2006 is virtually invisible. Easy to miss. Exactly what was intended! Outstanding work by Chris Hicks, KMLT's CE, the City of Thousand Oaks Planning department, and the Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency
Multi-carrier cell site and TVRO downlink439 viewsThe multiple carrier tower isn't connected with the TVRO satellite antennas in front, but it makes for a nice picture. This site is located in northern San Antonio, Texas at a very large church facility. An interesting note: The antenna structure registration number shown on the site is, per the FCC's database, cancelled. Interesting!
Close-up of GPS Antenna and LMU Antenna439 viewsCingular's GPS antenna (left) and the LMU antenna are mounted at about the 5 foot level adjacent to the sidewalk. It's amazing that they're still there. Hope no pedestrians walk into the bracket at night.
Co-location cell site438 viewsThe lower array was added after the tower was constructed. How do we know? Many of the cables for that array are mounted on the outside of the pole on the righthand side.
Sprint Conducts a Drive Test438 viewsWhen a wireless carrier selects a candidate cell site it will usually conduct a 'drive test' to determine actual coverage. The drive test consists of elevating an antenna to a predetermined height. Inside the truck is a portable PCS transmitter powering the antenna. In a separate vehicle (call it a 'rover') the carrier will drive the streets around the test site out to a predetermined distance from the site. The received signal level and GPS location information are stored in a portable computer inside the rover.

After the test is concluded, the received signal strength and location information are plotted on a street map. That map then serves to guide the RF engineer to select a final candidate site, and to design the antenna system to cover the desired area without causing unreasonable interference to other cell sites on the same network.

Attached to the left of the antenna (and blowing in the breeze) is a measuring tape used to determine the height of the antenna.
The Herd at the 2007 Rose Bowl438 viewsNextel, Sprint, and AT&T "cover" the 2007 Rose Bowl Game.
DAS Outboard on Power Meter438 viewsOnce more, Cingular (now AT&T) employs the cabinet-on-a-cabinet technique of placing its DAS note, here in Rolling Hills Estates, California.
Nextel's Interesting Lattice Tower435 viewsA Nextel site using an interesting lattice tower to support its antennas and microwave antennas.
435 viewsAdjacent to 5445 Hollywood Blvd, Ste D, Los Angeles, CA 90027
Das da ticket!434 viewsAT&T uses a distributed antenna system (DAS) to light this site on Valley Circle in the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles County). The DAS node, manufactured by Andrew Corporation, is the small box affixed to the larger power meter pedestal cabinet.
Panoramic view of the KMLT work site and antenna (Waterproofing)433 viewsThis panoramic view shows the worksite, the antenna and tower, and the transmitter building with the waterproofing applied to the walls.
Gimme a Transmitter with Mustard!433 viewsAnother view of the at-grade grill over the transmitter room at KMLT. May 2006
Parking lot cell site432 viewsHere's another, wider view of a cell site mounted on a parking lot light standard in San Francisco.
The Golden Signal432 viewsHere's a close-up of one of T-Mobile's sector antennas and tower-mounted amplifiers at its Chico, California water tank site.
NextG DAS - Encinitas, California431 views
Time Warner Cable Wireless Node in Santa Monica/West Los Angeles Area431 viewsTime Warner Cable Wireless Node in Santa Monica/West Los Angeles Area. Manufactured by BelAir Networks.
Yet another awful Mobilitie design431 viewsLos Angeles: Vermont north of Wilshire
Panoramic view of the KMLT work site and antenna (Roof on)430 viewsThis is an updated panoramic shot of the job site and antenna. The roof is now on the building. Photo taken on a weekend (no workers present).
Microcell Bolted on Parking Lot Light430 viewsSpotted in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, this microcell site is bolted to the top of an existing parking lot light standard. Notice the equipment mounted in the grass area (hey, guy, open that car door slowly or you might hit something).
About 75 percent of the building is buried430 viewsThe backfill is covering the building up to about the 75% level. Soon it will be completely buried, and the transmitter and related equipment will be moved in.
Yet another awful Mobilitie design430 viewsLos Angeles: Vermont north of Wilshire
The walls are up...428 viewsThe concrete calls are poured and are hardening. Next, in about 6 days, comes the roof pour and cure.
Blessed Be This Cell Site428 viewsAT&T's monopole at the Calvary Community Church in Phoenix sports not one; not two; but three crosses mounted at the corners of the radomes. Quite an interesting design!
Church bell tower427 viewsThis is a non-camo site atop (well, just below) the bells of a church. Notice the shadowing of the antenna cables on the right side front of the tower.
A Tower That Helps Birds!427 viewsThis is American Tower's "Taos Center" tower site in, ah, Taos (New Mexico). It's most unique feature is the federally protected bird's nest on the tower. Here's the sign warning against climbing without permission.
Two on a Stick426 viewsHere's a close-up of the dual antennas on this wood pole in Santa Monica, California. Sprint is on the bottom; Cingular is that mass at the top. By the way, the palm is not a camouflage element of Cingular's antennas.
Oh thank heavens for RF from 7-11425 viewsHere's an example of a microcell designed to illuminate a road segment for adding spot capacity. Notice that the apartment (right of the antenna) is just off the main lobe beam.
425 viewsClose up of the Fountain Hills three sector site atop a traffic and light standard.
Co-location external generator sockets423 viewsWhen the commercial power fails, many carriers rely on portable power generators to keep cell sites operating. Here are two generator sockets at a co-lo site (Verizon and AT&TWS [now Cingular]).
Panoramic view of the KMLT work site and antenna (Zoom shot)423 viewsThis close-up panoramic shot shows the transmitter site as seen (well, actually, not seen) from near the antenna site.
Panoramic view of KMLT - 75% backfilled423 viewsThis panoramic photo of the site shows the building backfill nearly complete. Soon it will be time to move in the transmitter and related equipment.
Looking at the rear of the CEV.423 viewsA good shot of the base and read of the CEV dig hole.
29. Which Way Tray?422 viewsIt's now January, 2006. The site is active (but without a backup power generator). It seems that the installers missed putting all of the covers on the cable tray. Too bad.
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