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Big Steel over Las Vegas (New Mexico, that is)324 viewsThis multi-carrier tower serves much of Las Vegas, New Mexico.
312 viewsThis is a very, very tall self-supporting lattice tower site, owned by American Tower, in Espanola, New Mexico.
Mono Eucalyptus Antennas1632 viewsThe antennas atop a mono-eucalyptus in Oceanside, California. American Tower should spend a bit of time fixing the antenna covers.
What is, But What Could Be...892 viewsThis is a special photo of a semi-camo site in Santa Fe, New Mexico. If you click to enlarge it, you'll see a before photo (showing the visible panel antenna in the opening) and after photo simulation of how this site might have been better designed by the carrier. Sometimes it the little things that separate a ho-hum project from a wow project.
Tower Towers Over the Santa Fe Plaza375 viewsThis tower stands just south of the Plaza in historic Santa Fe. It's clearly visible from much of the Plaza area. So sad
Manny, Moe and Jack352 viewsThese three lattice towers stand just off of US285 in Nambe, New Mexico. This site is a few miles north of the Santa Fe Opera House.
Wireless site on a major transmission tower, Irvine, CA370 viewsUtilizing the powerline ROW, this wireless site makes use of a transmission tower. If you enlarge the photograph, you'll see another wireless site on the pole behind this one.
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