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cells.oliverhurst.ca.UbiquitelPCS.2765Pwerline Road.20051112.DSCN0360.jpg
PCS Base Station below PG&E Power Tower572 viewsUbiquitel's BTS in Olivehurst, California is located in a wood-fenced enclosure below the PG&E power transmission tower.
cells.oliverhurst.ca.UbiquitelPCS.woodbalancepanels..2765Pwerline Road.20051112.DSCN0361.jpg
Wood You Please Support These Antennas?515 viewsUbiquitel uses wood panels to replace antennas not installed on the two-antenna mounts atop this PG&E power tower in Oakhurst, California. This site is at 2765 Powerline Road.
cells.oliverhurst.ca.UbiquitelPCS.2765Pwerline Road.20051112.DSCN0357.jpg
PCS Crown on PG&E Tower348 viewsUbiquitel's PCS antennas in Olivehurst, California are located above the high tension lines on this PG&E power transmission tower.
One Well-Placed PG&E Transmission Tower309 viewsPG&E sure scored locating this tower near the I280 freeway adjacent to Redwood City, California. Lots of carriers (4), lots of income.
Cell site crowning a power transmission tower497 viewsThis cell site, in Walnut Creek, California, is atop a PG&E power transmission tower.
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