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Tanks for the Signal944 viewsOn the left is a legacy multi-carrier lattice tower (with microwave antenna). To the right is a newer faux water tank enclosing the antennas behind RF transparent panels shaped and textured to look like a old wood water tank. The wood work above the equipment building below and to the right of the tank hides some of the roof-mounted equipment. Near Hesperia, California.1 comments
It's a Grand Old Flagpole?810 viewsVerizon's flagpole site in Hesperia, California lacks, well, a flag. Note the wind/sand damage to the pole finish. If you look carefully, you'll see the rope used to hoist the flag has come down and is resting on top of the the equipment building, then falling to the ground to the right of the building. Nice job in site maintenance.1 comments
Yet Another Sad Cell Pine783 viewsThis Sprint site in Hesperia, California sports sparse branch coverage, and lacks bark cladding. 1 comments
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