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Cricket in Santa Fe391 viewsThe Fashion Outlets of Santa Fe hosts this Cricket site.
Cricket in Santa Fe269 viewsThe Fashion Outlets of Santa Fe hosts this Cricket site.
Santa Fe Big Steel Lattice Tower257 viewsSanta Fe, New Mexico
Santa Fe Big Steel Guyed Tower242 viewsSanta Fe Big Steel Guyed Tower
Santa Fe Big Steel Guyed Tower217 viewsSanta Fe Big Steel Guyed Tower
Cricket has the Power in Santa Fe225 viewsCricket has the Power in Santa Fe
Cricket has the Power in Santa Fe240 viewsCricket has the Power in Santa Fe
Just One Element Would Have Made This...1196 views...a great camo site. In December 2009 I photographed this Santa Fe, New Mexico site and made an animated GIF showing what could have been done to hide the antenna. I wasn't happy with the base photo, so I want back in December 2010 and shot a better base photo. This animated GIF shows far more clearly what might have been added to effectively camo this church site.
Radio Plaza in Santa Fe, NM272 viewsThis is an updated photo of the Radio Plaza site, overlooing the historic central plaza in Sante Fe, New Mexico.
What is, But What Could Be...843 viewsThis is a special photo of a semi-camo site in Santa Fe, New Mexico. If you click to enlarge it, you'll see a before photo (showing the visible panel antenna in the opening) and after photo simulation of how this site might have been better designed by the carrier. Sometimes it the little things that separate a ho-hum project from a wow project.
Powering Up Santa Fe317 viewsT-Mobile occupies the top of this power transmission pole near the Plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Tower Towers Over the Santa Fe Plaza314 viewsThis tower stands just south of the Plaza in historic Santa Fe. It's clearly visible from much of the Plaza area. So sad
Sickly Monopine1116 viewsOff of the Old Las Vegas Highway outside of Santa Fe, this poorly designed monopine stands out like the sore thumb it is. The branch coverage, branch count, and panel antenna socks are inferior. A properly designed and executed monopine would not all the antenna stand-off arms to be seen, much less be painted a highly visible green.

By the way, in this case, Las Vegas refers to Las Vegas, New Mexico, rather than to Lost Wages, Nevada.
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