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I hear the T-Mobile Bells A-ring'n494 viewsT-Mobile camo site in a church bell tower. The BTS cabinets are behind the CMU enclosure at the rear of the church.
That's one clean signal!838 viewsAnother view of T-Mobile's car wash site in Buena Park, California
That's one clean signal!750 viewsA T-Mobile site at a car wash in Buena Park, California.
Yerba Buena Island Site Serving the Oakland Bay Bridge485 viewsFrom July, 2001: This multicarrier site is pumping RF along the upper and lower spans of the Oakland Bay Bridge. Located on Yerba Buena Island (on the south side of the spans), this is an interesting configuration, employing "tip-to-tip" construction.

June 2008: This site no long exists. It has been removed to make way for construction of the new Bay Bridge connection to Yerba Buena Island. -jlk
What time is it? It's Cingular Time!1095 viewsHere's an attractive Cingular Wireless clock tower cell site in Buena Park, California. The BTS equipment is located at ground level behind the block wall.
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