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Sickly Monopine1150 viewsOff of the Old Las Vegas Highway outside of Santa Fe, this poorly designed monopine stands out like the sore thumb it is. The branch coverage, branch count, and panel antenna socks are inferior. A properly designed and executed monopine would not all the antenna stand-off arms to be seen, much less be painted a highly visible green.

By the way, in this case, Las Vegas refers to Las Vegas, New Mexico, rather than to Lost Wages, Nevada.
Monopalm - A Morning View710 viewsClose up of the business end of the Palm Desert, California monopalm. Now you see it...now you do!
Monopalm - A Morning View627 viewsYet another view of the in-your-face panels on this monopalm in Palm Desert, California. Photo taken about 7:30 a.m.
Monopalm - A Morning View649 viewsA closer view of the unknown carrier's in-your-face monopalm in Palm Desert, California.
Monopalm - A Morning View621 viewsThis monopalm in Palm Desert, California is located in a shopping center. The branch coverage is poor, and the panels certainly stand out in the morning light. The carrier is unknown.
Cell Pine Branch Attachment630 viewsThis close-up shows how the branch attachments occur on this cell pine tree.
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