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Yerba Buena Island Site Serving the Oakland Bay Bridge545 viewsFrom July, 2001: This multicarrier site is pumping RF along the upper and lower spans of the Oakland Bay Bridge. Located on Yerba Buena Island (on the south side of the spans), this is an interesting configuration, employing "tip-to-tip" construction.

June 2008: This site no long exists. It has been removed to make way for construction of the new Bay Bridge connection to Yerba Buena Island. -jlk
SFO Airport - Superbay Hanger321 viewsThe cell antennas are mounted on the roof of the Superbay hanger in the top center of the photograph.
Two levels? No problem!556 viewsThis cell site, located on Yerba Buena Island in the San Francisco Bay serves both levels of the Bay Bridge.
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