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Last comments - Construction of KMLT-FM - Truly an Underground FM Station! (Welcome CGC readers!)
Rebar cage for underground transmitter building689 viewsHere's a good show showing how much rebar has been placed in the past 7 days (see the other photo in this gallery). The temporary transmitter trailer is shown in the background. Chris Hicks, the RF engineer responsible for making this site operational, is in the white shorts behind/above the excavation.1 comments04/04/06 at 00:03Buffalo Bill: There it is again, Chris's Land Rover! What ever h...
Panoramic view of the KMLT work site and antenna666 viewsThe trailer with the cable reel on top is the temporary transmitter location; the permanent underground transmitter building is behind the below the portable chain link fence behind the Bobcat. Zoom in on the ridge line to just make out the antenna location.1 comments04/03/06 at 23:57Buffalo Bill: Look, way up there, I see Chris's Land Rover Defen...
RF Safety testing at an FM broadcast station (#2)692 viewsTesting the level of RF emissions to determine compliance with FCC OET 65. The engineer in the picture is Joel Saxberg of Beem Co., a contractor of KMLT-FM in Thousand Oaks, California1 comments04/03/06 at 23:53Buffalo Bill: RF emissions? But that is just a piece of PVC pipe...
RF Safety testing at an FM broadcast station959 viewsThis is a photograph of RF engineer Joel Saxberg conducting signal strength measurements to determine the boundary to the general population/uncontrolled area around the antenna. Due to signal strength of the station, a fence will be placed around the antenna site to keep out the public out of the RF controlled zone.1 comments04/03/06 at 23:49Buffalo Bill: Hey Joel, keep your distance from Chris, he has wi...
Chris Hicks, Chief Engineer1151 viewsChris Hicks is the Amaturo Group's RF engineer responsible for getting the new KMLT from dirt to on-the-air. He's (proudly) standing by the KMLT transmitter, which is temporarily installed in a trailer while the permanent underground transmitter building is being constructed nearby.1 comments04/03/06 at 23:46Buffalo Bill: Hey Chris, Cute shorts!
Hey, it's a good thing they got the weatherproofing on the building!604 viewsIt's been raining 'round our soon-to-be underground friend. Notice that the conduits are extended through the precast holes.1 comments12/31/05 at 05:16Anon:
Painting on the Sky 1 of 6639 viewsAs a condition of its City of Thousand Oaks construction permit, KMLT is required to paint the antenna pole sky blue. This photo shows the crane and bucket used as the painting platform. May, 2005.

Photo thanks to Bill Cloutier.
1 comments11/16/05 at 02:15Anon:
KMLT Antenna and Support651 viewsThe steel pole supporting the antenna is now painted blue to help it blend into the sky background.1 comments11/11/05 at 18:12rancidhooligan: How tall is the antenna mast? Is there danger of ...
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