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17 - Side view of Our Little Friend1205 viewsJanuary 2, 2005 was a cold, damp day in Southern California, but I managed to snap a photo of our little tree to better show the new antennas mounted off of the trunk, and the new sickly green quad antennas. Also notice a small "Keep Out" sign at the lower left corner of the front fence. I'm sure that it is very effective.33333
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16 - Equipment Shelter and Pad for Our Little Friend889 viewsThis is the first good shot I've been able to take of the equipment building for our little friend. It's a long shot, taken with a telephoto lens, but you can clearly see the equipment building for the original carrier, and the pad-mounted equipment for the new carrier (on the trunk). Photograph 04 in this gallery shows the relative positions of the equipment building and our little tree.33333
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18 - Our little friend has changed and grown!1166 viewsThis photo, taken in November, 2004 shows (1) that the second-to-the-right antenna has been changed out without much regard to color matching, (2) that a new dual-band antenna has been added on trunk below the prior-existing antennas, and (3) that the faux branches have been extended down the trunk to provide partial cover for the new antenna.

Note that the replacement dual-band antenna has its four cable ports visible on the bottom of the antenna, unlike the existing with hidden rear connectors. Most unsightly!

Sad, sad little tree.
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14 - Mother Earth Starting to Reclaim...1053 viewsNature (with the help of plantings by the carrier) is starting to retake the base of the site.22222
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15 - Vandals Strike!1226 viewsOkay, I'll start by saying it wasn't me! Really!! Someone(s) climbed our little friend and installed some cute "eyes" at the top of the pole. The eyes remained in place for about two weeks near Christmas time 2002.1 comments11111
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09 - Construction of the Ice Guard901 viewsA box to protect the coaxial cables (often called an ice guard) is installed at the base of the of the trunk. The cones are cute, eh?22222
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10 - Close up of Ice Guard Construction846 viewsThe title of this slide says it all.44444
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11 - Ice Guard Construction Nearly Complete746 viewsThe frame for the ice guard is basically complete. Soon it will be covered.33333
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12 - Fence Installation and Ice Guard Completion718 viewsA very short (and hardly functional) fence is installed, and the ice guard is covered. 22222
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13 - Basically Complete740 viewsThis is a photo of the site at completion.22222
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01 - Before631 viewsThis is a photo simulation of the site prior to the installation of the concrete base. (SORT by "TITLE +" or "TITLE -" in the upper right of the thumbnail frame to see these photos in the proper order!)22222
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02 - Concrete Base Installed643 viewsThis photo simulation shows the base installed before the installation of the "trunk" of the cell pine.11111
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03 - Trunk Installed690 viewsThe "trunk" of the cell pine is installed on the concrete base. Note the pegs used to receive the branches, and the cable portal at the top of the trunk.33333
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04 - Cables Pulled in Trunk702 viewsThe coaxial cables that will be connected to the antenna are pulled from the BTS equipment to the top of the trunk. Photograph 16 in this gallery is an excellent, if long shot, of the equipment building seen here, above and behind our little tree.11111
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05 - Antenna Bracket Assembly670 viewsA technician is constructing one of the two antenna support arms.22222
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06 - Antenna Arms Installed667 viewsThe antenna support arms are installed. The coaxial cables are fanned out to the arms to match to the antennas that will be installed later.22222
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07 - Antennas Installed, Connected732 viewsThe techs have installed the panel antennas on the arms, and are now connecting the coaxial cables to the antennas.33333
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08 - Faux Branches Installed1191 viewsOur little tree is taking shape now the branches have been installed. Notice the unprotected coaxial cables running to the tree near the base (right side).22222
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