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Cell Pine - Overview409 viewsHere's an overview photo of a cell pine (monopine) standing alone in a shopping center in Walnut, California.
Cell Pine791 viewsHere's a good merged image photo close-up of a cell pine (monopine) in Walnut, California. Notice the large 'acorn' (microwave dish antenna) that's front and center on the trunk. In most case in metro areas, the purpose of having a microwave dish is (1) to provide back-haul from the cell site to the mobile telephone switching office (MTSO), and (2) to save the cost of leasing data lines from the local phone company. The first purpose is required; the second should not be considered a valid justification in most metro cases.

Also notice that most--but not all--of the panel antennas have slip-on camouflage covers. This photo highlights the significant difference in appearance between covered and merely painted panels.

The bark cladding stops at about the level of the microwave dish. It should have gone all the way to the top as you can see the flat, more reflective metal surface above the cladding.
Cell Pine Cable Port400 viewsConsider this a shot of the roots of the cell pine. Actually, it's one of two cable ports on the side of our little tree.
Cell Pine Branch Attachment493 viewsThis close-up shows how the branch attachments occur on this cell pine tree.
Waves of Power259 viewsA fairly standard power transmission tower with a cell crown. Spotted in Walnut Creek, California, this photograph graces the cover of Paul Valle-Riestra's book, "Telecommunications: The Governmental Role in Managing the Connected Community" published in 2002.

Cell site crowning a power transmission tower356 viewsThis cell site, in Walnut Creek, California, is atop a PG&E power transmission tower.
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