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I hear the T-Mobile Bells A-ring'n298 viewsT-Mobile camo site in a church bell tower. The BTS cabinets are behind the CMU enclosure at the rear of the church.
Another wanna-be cell palm642 viewsDone on the cheap, is it a cell palm that suffers from some plastic fungus, or is it a monopole with some palms stuck on for fun. Your call...1 comments
Pt. Sur (Ca.) Lighthouse Water Tank973 viewsAT&T Wireless rebuilt this tank in Big Sur to house a cell site (thanks to Neal McLain for this photo). Check out Neal's site
Camo-ish on-building cell site890 viewsThis is an example of how surface mounted antennas can be detailed to blend, if not disappear, into the background of the structure.
Surface mounted antennas sometimes just require matching paint384 viewsThis surface mount wireless site is less visible due to the use of matching paint on the antenna radomes. Less visible, but not a true camouflage site.
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