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Primm an Properr in Primm Nevadaa525 viewsA site below the turret of one of the buildings at Whiskey Pete's in Primm, Nevada (about 400 yards from the California State line) off of I-15.
Shelling out some signal629 viewsNextel's antennas are affixed below the gas station sign at this site in Henderson, Nevada.
A Dam Tall Tower285 viewsThis tall tower, well, towers over Hoover Dam in Nevada and/or Arizona. I guess it depends in which state you live. This tower is on the Nevada side.
It's a's a's a's a monopole328 viewsWhy, it's both, in Henderson, Nevada.
Sort-of Flag Tank Site546 Boulder City, Nevada.
Flamingos Have Antennas!321 viewsI always focused on the tail feathers of Flamingos. Who knew that they had antennas, too!
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