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Two Cacti Site - Eagle Mountain Golf Course and Inn645 viewsHere are two more cellular cacti, both manufactured by Larson-USA ( The landscaping at this site is nothing less than outstanding. It's very difficult to photograph either of the cacti in a full frame given the landscaping. If you didn't know it was wouldn't know it was there! Way to go, Sprint!3 comments
Two Cacti Site - Eagle Mountain Golf Course and Inn393 viewsSprint's site, designed by Larson-USA, is an outstanding deployment.
Looking at Eagles377 viewsAn off-site view of Larson-USA's two cactus design at the Eagle Mountain Inn in Arizona.
Looking at Eagles348 viewsAn off-site view of Larson-USA's two cactus design at the Eagle Mountain Inn in Arizona.
Eagle Mountain Cellular Cactus428 viewsEagle Mountain Inn, Arizona. Design by Larson-USA. It's an outstanding Sprint site.
Sprint's Eagle Mountain Inn Site Equipment Enclosure525 viewsNotice how Sprint has placed its equipment enclosure partially underground and colored it to match the surrounding area. Yet another reason why this is an outstanding site. (I do wish they had painted the GPS antenna, or placed it flush to the top of the roof fence.
Close-up of Cellular Cactus1569 viewsAt Eagle Mountain Inn, Arizona. Manufactured by Larson-USA (, and operated by Sprint.1 comments
Panoramic view of Sprint Mountaingate Monopole630 viewsThis panoramic photo show the street cuts from power (left), telephone (right), the power meter (far left), the BTS equipment vault and vents in the traffic median, the street cut from the median to the antenna pole (far side of median), and the base of the antenna pole (far right, behind tree). The pole in the middle of the traffic median is a two-arm street light. Too bad it (or a replacement) wasn't used to support the antenna. That would have eliminated the need for the standalone pole just to support the single panel antenna.
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