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CornucopiaMicrowave Horn in Las Vegas, New Mexico95 viewsThis is a 'cornucopia' (high performance) microwave antenna at the CenturyLink Central Office in Las Vegas, New Mexico.
Big Steel over Las Vegas (New Mexico, that is)121 viewsThis multi-carrier tower serves much of Las Vegas, New Mexico.
Use a Cell Phone: Go to Jail293 viewsSpotted in Las Vegas, New Mexico
Sickly Monopine922 viewsOff of the Old Las Vegas Highway outside of Santa Fe, this poorly designed monopine stands out like the sore thumb it is. The branch coverage, branch count, and panel antenna socks are inferior. A properly designed and executed monopine would not all the antenna stand-off arms to be seen, much less be painted a highly visible green.

By the way, in this case, Las Vegas refers to Las Vegas, New Mexico, rather than to Lost Wages, Nevada.
Wireless, with Cables321 viewsSome of the base station equipment cabinets (cellular, paging, etc.) at the upper landing of the Mt. Roberts Tramway in Juneau, Alaska
Wireless, with Cables314 viewsThis multicarrier site is at the upper station of the Mt. Roberts Tramway in Juneau, Alaska.
Ketchikan Me if you Kan203 viewsMulticarrier site in Ketchikan, Alaska
Wireless, with Cables188 viewsClose up of the multicarrier site at the upper station of the Mt. Roberts Tramway in Juneau, Alaska.
Ketchikan Me if you Kan178 viewsMulticarrier site in Ketchikan, Alaska
Wait 'Till We Get Our Haines Signal On You!185 viewsMulticarrier site above Haines, Alaska
Days'd and Confused842 viewsNextel need only extend the flashing to and across the top of its antenna enclosure to make this a very good site.
Days'd and Confused692 viewsJust a bit more flashing, if you please.
Now you see it; now you shouldn't.1040 viewsAs an example of how to ALMOST construct a camouflaged site, look at this photograph. Nextel's camo box fails to extend the flashing around the top of its enclosure. As a result, from ground level you can see the coaxial cables running over the top parapet to the camo box. I've created a photo simulation to illustrate how little it would have taken to complete the camouflage for this site, and the benefits of that little effort. Planners, think about these things...they will make a great difference in the result of your work.
BTS cabinets during installation - Cable ladder rack675 viewsThis is a photo of the BTS (Base Telecommunications Station) cabinets during installation. Notice the cable ladder rack connecting the BTS cabinets to the trunk of the tree. The coaxial cables will be lashed to this ladder for physical support.
Flamingos Have Antennas!319 viewsI always focused on the tail feathers of Flamingos. Who knew that they had antennas, too!
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