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This Cow is WAY past its Expiration Date167 viewsThe owner of this COW really, really needs to resolve this. A cute license plate is not enough.
Guyed Tower in Cantua Creek, California183 viewsA big tower in a small town. It's guyed.
Konya Province121 views
Konya Province122 views
Konya Province118 views
Antalya Province125 views
Santa Fe Big Steel Lattice Tower198 viewsSanta Fe, New Mexico
CornucopiaMicrowave Horn in Las Vegas, New Mexico185 viewsThis is a 'cornucopia' (high performance) microwave antenna at the CenturyLink Central Office in Las Vegas, New Mexico.
Big Steel over Las Vegas (New Mexico, that is)209 viewsThis multi-carrier tower serves much of Las Vegas, New Mexico.
188 viewsThis is a very, very tall self-supporting lattice tower site, owned by American Tower, in Espanola, New Mexico.
Manny, Moe and Jack234 viewsThese three lattice towers stand just off of US285 in Nambe, New Mexico. This site is a few miles north of the Santa Fe Opera House.
Lots of Signals919 viewsThis multi-carrier, multi-owner site is in Mesa, Arizona. The tower registration shows Verizon as the anchor of the lattice tower. The City of Mesa has multiple sites on the top of its water tank.
Lots of Signals654 viewsThis multi-carrier, multi-owner site is in Mesa, Arizona. The tower registration shows Verizon as the anchor of the lattice tower. The City of Mesa has multiple sites on the top of its water tank.
Nextel Cow has Peronalized Plates636 viewsThese Cow belongs to Nextel. This license plate photographed at the 2007 Rose Bowl.
NextG RF Safety Advisory Notice522 viewsThis is NextG's RF safety advisory below the DAS node. It clearly spells out the RF safety facts and compliance for this site as it pertains to the general population walking by the site.
What's Red and Whilte and Radiates All Over399 views...it's this T-Mobile lattice tower in Gridley, California.
The Tower Company Tower298 viewsSounds circular, eh? Located in Chico, California.
Lattice Tower in Sutter County273 viewsOff of California State Route 70 at Nicolaus Road you'll find this lattice tower site.
Cell Palm572 viewsNotice that the coax ground block (below the ice guard) and the ground wire from the ground block are not properly affixed. Sprint site in Desert Hot Springs, CA
Guyed Tower - Antennas Vertically Stacked318 viewsThis cell site is on a guyed lattice tower on top of a commercial building in Modesto, California. Notice that the antennas are vertically stacked "tip-to-tip" at the top of the tower.
Lattice but not a tower797 viewsThe antennas at this site in Santa Monica, California are partiallyhidden behind the lattice above the roof. A better design would have required the two visible antenna pole mounts to be cut off above the antennas so as to be hidden from view.
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