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Monoblah (Oops...Monopalm)1009 viewsA close-up of the poorly designed antenna configuration at the top of the monopalm located at Chet Holifield Park in Montebello, California.
Monoblah (Oops...Monopalm)1416 viewsThe design of this monopalm site leave much to be desired, including the use of real bark cladding in lieu of the bark tape applied to the pole. Also, the antennas lack the camouflage of overhanging palms, and also lack covers. This is a run-of-the-mill design, at best. Montebello, California
Nextel Field Light Standard Radome Antenna Mount804 viewsNextel's Santa Margarita Christian High School site (Rancho Rancho Santa Margarita, California) uses a field light standard to support the antennas, and the radome that covers those antennas.

The mountain in the background/right of the field light standard is Santiago Peak, the key radio site in Orange County, California.
What's Under the Skirt?596 viewsNextel's Nextel's Santa Margarita Christian High School site antennas are behind a radome/skirt affixed to a field light standard. Looking upwards, you can see 4 of the 6 antennas behind the radome/skirt.
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