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Camo Water Tank257 viewsCamo Water Tank in San Dimas, CA
Camo Water Tank223 viewsCamo Water Tank in San Dimas, CA
A Mighty Wind's A'blowin...808 viewsThis well-known AT&T Wireless site sits to the west of SR57 in San Dimas, California (near Arrow Highway). The BTS equipment is located in the building to the left behind the barbed wire fence.3 comments
A Mighty Wind's A'blowin...501 viewsLooking up to the working platform of the AT&T Wireless Camo Windmill in San Dimas, California. All three sectors can be seen. The cables come down the center inside the large pipe.
Sprint's Camo Water Tank in San Dimas (Overview)474 viewsThis photo provides an overview of the entire site. The faux tank is to the right. The equipment bay is just off to the left of center. The AC panel, transfer switch, and LUG connector are in the center.
Does RF Signal Leak Out of a Signal Tank?607 viewsA view of Sprint's San Dimas, California water tank site.
Does RF Signal Leak Out of a Signal Tank?522 viewsA view of Sprint's San Dimas, California water tank site.
Does RF Signal Leak Out of a Signal Tank?490 viewsA view of Sprint's San Dimas, California water tank site.
Sprint's New No Tresspassing Sign Has Teeth!710 viewsHeck, after reading this I want to turn myself into the FBI! This is posted at Sprint's water tank site in San Dimas, California.
Power Meter, Transfer Switch, Generator Plug484 viewsSprint's water tank site in San Dimas features this power meter, transfer switch, and generator plug. Okay, it's not really featured, but it sure is part of the design.
BTS Equipment - Sprint's Water Tank in San Dimas725 viewsA peek inside of the equipment bay of Sprint's San Dimas water tank site. The GPS antenna, painted brown, pops up above the wood cover.
Sprint's San Dimas Water Tank - Entry Port435 viewsLooking up to the entry port of Sprint's water tank in San Dimas, California
Cable Pulling Vault: Sprint's San Dimas Water Tank442 viewsThe cables from the BTS to the antennas pass through this pulling vault, then go up the legs of the tank to the antennas.
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