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BTS cabinets during installation - Cable ladder rack682 viewsThis is a photo of the BTS (Base Telecommunications Station) cabinets during installation. Notice the cable ladder rack connecting the BTS cabinets to the trunk of the tree. The coaxial cables will be lashed to this ladder for physical support.
Cell Service, USN Style249 viewsThis is a photo of a cell site at the USN Amphibious Base in San Diego.
Bolts Holding Down Cactus?!994 viewsThis detail show shows how the faux cactus is bolted to the concrete pad. The faux rock hiding the coaxial cables can be seen at the rear of the cactus. Larson-USA design.
Cingular underground cell site equipment992 viewsThe BTS equipment vault, in the foreground, serves a Cingular's light standard microcell. The green pedestal houses the power company meter, and is subject to removal if the power company allows unmetered or remotely metered service sometime in the future.
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